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Compact LED displays of Smart LED Indoor Signage enhance your indoor advertising and our Smart LED Outdoor Signage G-Pro Series is your businesses go to digital signage for indoor usage. Learn more below.


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LED display screens in wedding events like custom wedding videos, retrospectives of the couple's relationship, well-wishes from friends and family who couldn't attend...

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In conference halls and meeting rooms . indoor LED video walls can create a spectacular backdrop with high picture quality and edge-to-edge display that can cover the entire length of the stage.

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The LED display can play dynamic videos and show the exhibition. Promotional films . LED displays at exhibitions to make your event and exhibition booths come to life and play product features ...

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LED panels prove to be the ideal solution and canvas to portray sets and backgrounds created in virtual reality. Thereby creating maximum flexibility for the production teams to make ...

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The conference LED display has proven to be ideal for meeting rooms. An indoor LED screen is made to be slim, thin and lightweight. This means it does not need big space to fit in.

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Sports Display solutions for professional football stadiums, basketball courts, and other sports arenas. Dynamically transforming fan engagement and viewing ..

Outdoor LED screen UAE

At education centers, large digital displays and video walls are placed in classrooms with LED and LCD touch screens for the hightech classroom and also enchance student learning with technology .

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To improve the patient experience, hospitals and healthcare clinics depend on clear, accessible communication which also promotes more positive health outcomes,..

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Outdoor LED Advertising Display Screen is used to display different types of advertisements, ads and other information in a smart way.Outdoor LED screens work like large billboards.

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3D LED wall

A 3D LED screen is a display that allows the display of 3D effects that can be seen with the naked eye without the need for professional glasses. This screen offers extremely realistic 3D effects, ..

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Command and Control Centers serve as key decision-making hubs for directing high-priority missions—from military operations to space flight control...

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Display technology of any size and shape, integrated with furniture and lighting, indoor and outdoor for stunning visual impact. Each and every date the collaborations ...

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Our indoor LED screens feature advanced technology that ensures clear, sharp images and videos with vivid colors. These LED screens are perfect for creating mesmerizing ...


Hawaii LED provides a solution for churches, temples, mosques, and other worship centers looking for an immersive experience ...

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Make a lasting impression on your customers with Retail led displays! Our digital display solutions will help your retail store stand out and create a better brand image by captivating more attention from the visitors. ..


Hawaii LED, is an integrated solution provider in the LED display industry, offering turnkey solutions to customers on LED display applications. Hawaii is the leading LED manufacturing company.With operations in qatar ,UAE, Saudi Arabia and india. We follows gloabal standard system.Hawaii led is one of the leading manufacturer in led display industry.


LED screens ensures the vibrant ambiance and attracts audience attention, thus increasing the potential of branding. Hawaii has in-line products to suits each requirements of the indoor applications

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Qatar Univercity

Rental LED Screen P2.6

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Qatar Expo

Rental LED Screen P2.6

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Hamad Airport

Arab Cup promotion

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VIP Hotel

Fixd Instalation P2.5

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Defacto Ezdan Mall

Fixed Insalation

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Hilton Hotel

Curve Fixed Instalation

We are specialized in..

  • Rental LED screen
  • outdoor LED screen
  • indoor LED screen
  • outdoor fixed LED screen
  • Conference led screen
  • outdoor fixed LED screen Gama series
  • Indoor fixed LED screen sigma series
  • Rental LED screen Glados series
  • outdoor LED screen E-wall series
  • Home theatre Led screen
  • LED wall
  • Advertising LED display screen
  • customised LED screen
  • outdoor showroom LED screen
  • Billboard led screen
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